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Remember to Challenge Yourself Sometimes - I Did a Podcast!

As we grow older our list of things to do daily, our goals and accomplishments tend to sometimes overshadow an area of our lives that keeps us happy, reinvigorated, and young.

The part of us that takes risks, seeks out joyful activities regularly, and is willing to push yourself past your comfort level sometimes.

It's pretty easy to fall out of connecting with yourself and falling into a comfort level of "just getting by" or "just getting through the day".

You have to stop and ask yourself.

Is that enough?

Probably not and this is where the ever important mindfulness comes in.

When we are not practicing regular mindfulness activities in our lives, we may not be living a life we had hoped or planned for ourselves.

Mindfulness allows us to check-in and see where we are now and where we are going.

When we evaluate these areas of our lives, we are putting energy into crafting a life we can be proud of.

A lot of our pain, suffering, and discomfort comes from wanting a lifestyle that our daily habits are not providing for us. There is a disconnection from what we want and what we are giving ourselves.

Here's the scary part - we need to challenge ourselves and push our comfort levels to grow into the person we want to be.

I know this because anything that has brought me immense long-term joy or fulfillment in life was considered a "risk" or outside of my comfort zone.

Recently, with my business, I wanted to reach more people and was asked to do a podcast, but I kept putting it off.

Yes, I worked in TV, but it was behind the scenes.

Actually, there was one time that I was Floor Director for an event, I had to address the crowd of a few hundred with some general information about how the production would run and our expectation of the live audience.

I was terrified to do it, but I did and to this day, I'm not sure how. It's not something I wanted to do or even planned for - it was sprung on me at the last minute, but I knew what I was talking about and did it.

This is how I knew I could do the podcast. It was just a few people in the room.

So, I did it and I couldn't be more proud of myself. In fact, now I'm thinking - what's next?!

I would love for you to check it out. Here's the video.

The thing is, we come alive when we push ourselves. I will say it again, most of the best parts of my life are happening because I took a risk and stepped out of my comfort zone.

Now, I will challenge you.

What is one thing you can do to push your comfort zone, but achieve something you know that will benefit the future you are creating for yourself?

If you're looking for some help discovering the lifestyle you are seeking or some fun and friendly accountability to stay on track, I can help.


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