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Boost Food Confidence & Tackle Emotional Eating

  • 84Days
  • 65Steps


Looking for more food confidence and balance with your eating? Let me help guide you to having a: - better relationship with food - more connected to your body - reduced emotional eating - more mindfully living - healthier habits - boosted mindset Working on your relationship with food and emotional eating is challenging, but wildly rewarding! Now, I've created a program to help people like you! Bringing my personal and client experience, plus health and nutrition knowledge to boost your success. We all emotionally eat, but we also deserve to find comfort, balance, and enjoyment with food. Let me help you eat more mindfully, so you can boost your daily mood, energy levels, and confidence. Included in the program: - 28 days of modules to work through in 60 days - 21 videos outlining ways to improve your mindset, mindfulness, meditations, and nutritional details - 20+ slides/PDFs to increase your knowledge and success - 36 tasks to work through and boost your mindful eating - access online or download the app - understanding that everyone emotionally eats, we're all working to find balance through our love of food and ourselves This program is an excellent value and is currently on sale, but it is worth over $500!!! Join now so you can feel better about your food choices and in your body!

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