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Meet Brynn

Registered Holistic Nutrition Counsellor &

Digestive Health Specialist

From almost falling asleep during a Food Network brand team meeting of 30+ people in the executive boardroom 15 years ago to...

Now, sleeping through fireworks, thunderstorms, and cats fighting in my room.

It's been quite the health ride...

In my late 20s, I faced a rapid decline with daily stress, digestive concerns, migraines, insomnia and more.

After consulting numerous doctors and specialists and trying various medications, I found no relief and felt like a shell of myself.

I was lost and stuck, but I wanted to find out why.

Over the past 15+ years, I have dedicated myself to learning extensively about holistic health and healing my gut microbiome.

You're here because you're struggling with a bunch of unnecessary digestive concerns, and other symptoms that may not even seem connected.

You've probably tried many options with few results.

It's exhausting and frustrating.

I feel you, I have been there!

That's why it's my mission to help women 35+ like you discover how to improve their overall health by

  • nurturing their gut microbiome

  • improving nutrition

  • reducing stress

  • incorporating more self-love

You'll be surprised how easy this is when you have the right support!

Let's discuss how I can help you feel better now.

Brynn Loucks RHNC Digestive Health Specialist Logo
This is the best investment I have ever made in my health!

I feel so much better after only 3 weeks. My hand and foot pain are down, inflammation in my body and face has reduced, even my weight is down, so my clothes fit much more comfortably. My energy and focus are up, plus my mood and emotions are much lighter and easier to manage.

The meal plan is easy to work with and delicious, I don’t feel I’m missing out on anything! Brynn provides amazing supportive materials and tasks, as well as the encouragement to be more kind to myself. 

I definitely recommend Brynn's Gut Renewal Program to anyone looking to improve their lifelong health."

Denise M.

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