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Fruits and Vegetables

Gut Renewal Program
with TLC Wellness

This is for you if...

  • ​You have many symptoms that seem unrelated

  • You've tried so many approaches with little results

  • You're frustrated and frazzled

  • You're concerned about your hormonal health

  • Your sleep is suffering

  • You're sick of bloating and heartburn

  • You're skeptical about trying something new

This is the solution to help you feel better!

Let me save you time, energy, and money.

We work together to discover

  • Nutritious foods that will rejuvenate and balance your unique microbiome

  • Specific foods to temporarily reduce or avoid

  • Potential nutritional gaps - vitamins & minerals

  • Personalized supplement suggestions to nurture and restore your gut microbiome

  • Habits that support your best life for the long-term

Gut Renewal Programs

You are here to experience something different that is life changing.

Our straightforward test and program is incredible.

It's all about boosting your good bacteria and strengthening your gut lining, in the simplest way, with nourishing foods outlined for you.

This allows you to get back to the things you love.

Simple steps, big results - let's improve your gut health together!

This program includes:

  • Expert Consultation: Get started with a professional consultation so we can discover your specific needs.

  • Comprehensive Gut Health Test: Unlock the data found in your gut health with our detailed analysis.

  • Tailored Meal Plans: Be inspired by weekly and monthly meal plans, complete with delicious, gut-friendly recipes.

  • Weekly Progress Boosts: Boost your progress and lifestyle with 30-minute check-in calls regularly.

  • Invaluable Insights: Gain access to tips and videos specifically designed to reduce inflammation, helping you alleviate those unwanted symptoms with ease.

This isn't just a program; it's your lifelong pathway to a

happier, healthier lifestyle!

Meet Brynn Loucks, RHNC

Digestive Health Specialist

How The Process Works

Gut Microbiome Testing is Conducted By You in The Comfort of Your Own Home


Book a Call

Book a call where we will discuss how simple the testing process is, if it's a fit and which program is best for your unique concerns.

Holding Phones

Sign Up

Once you have decided that

Gut Microbiome Testing is an important investment for you, we will order the test.

Science Lab

Process Test & Get Started!

The test is sent directly to your home.

2-3 weeks later we review your results and a customized meal plan will be built to support your gut health.

This is the best investment I have ever made in my health!

I feel so much better after only 3 weeks. My hand and foot pain are down, inflammation in my body and face has reduced, even my weight is down, so my clothes fit much more comfortably. My energy and focus are up, plus my mood and emotions are much lighter and easier to manage.

The meal plan is easy to work with and delicious, I don’t feel I’m missing out on anything! Brynn provides amazing supportive materials and tasks, as well as the encouragement to be more kind to myself. 

I definitely recommend Brynn's Gut Renewal Program to anyone looking to improve their lifelong health."

Denise M.

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Is The Gut Renewal Program Right For You?

Book a call and we will discuss your options

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