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Meet Brynn

Certified Holistic Nutrition Counsellor &

Digestive Health Specialist

After struggling with my personal health for many years, working with countless doctors, specialists, even medications, nothing seemed to work.

I am grateful for this!

I have spent the past 13 years learning extensively about holistic health and natural healing.

Our bodies possess amazing capacities to heal when nutrition is improved, stress is reduced, rest is prioritized, and we focus on self love by acknowledging that we all have our own specific needs, we just need to tune in to the feedback our body is providing.

Let me guide you on the path to optimal health and happiness!

It will be fun and easy at times, but will require patience and compassion, ultimately self love.

The one thing I can absolutely guarantee is that it will be 100% worth it!

You deserve this, let's connect today to get started.

Certifications & Courses

  • Holistic Health and Nutrition Diploma

  • Plant-Based Practitioner Specialization

  • Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher

  • Reiki Practitioner

  • Emotional Intelligence and Attention-Training

  • NLP - Neuro-linguistic Programming  - in training


Holistic Balance for Healthier & Happier Long-Term Living

  • Do you find your weight, mood, pain, and/or energy levels go up and down?

  • Do you have bouts of eating really healthy, followed by a "whatever, I deserve this" phase?

  • Wish you could find a balance between the two to feel better consistently?

Read on, this program may be for you!

Unfortunately, diets and restrictive eating negatively impact your relationship with food.

I help you keep the "fun" in functional eating.

We nurture the foods that keep you healthy and  add in the ones that keep you happy.

Want to feel good in your body and about your habits?

That is absolutely achievable with this program.

You absolutely deserve this and it is possible.

Learn How To

  • Connect deeper with healthier daily habits

  • Replace inflammatory foods with superfoods

  • Reduce pain, stress, anxiety

  • Boost your relationship with food, mood & digestion

  • Feel like your most joyful and vibrant self

  • Make manageable, long-term changes

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