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Why February Is The Best Month To Start Thinking About A Nutritional Program

December and January are some of the hardest months with all of the celebrations in December, then come the January blues...

February is the best time to start thinking about adding in some healthier habits.

The daylight is getting longer. Spring is just around the corner.

I am just starting to onboard for my One Year and 6 Month One-on-One Holistic Balance programs.

It's important that my clients are successful and so I want to ensure we're starting at the most optimal time to boost your progress!

That also means for my one-year programs that you'll be working with me during the hardest months - December and January.

Interested in making a few changes on your own?

Here are my best 3 tips:

  • Start small and incorporate a habit that you can keep up for a good week before you add more (this is called habit stacking and helps to increase long-term changes)

  • Meal planning and preparation is vital for your success. Taking a day to prep quick meals or sides, salads, potatoes/rice for the fridge is a huge time saver and it also enhances your nutrition, as meals thrown together quickly generally lack nutrients.

  • Get moving! During the winter we definitely move less and eat more, so weight gain is actually quite normal. If you make an effort to go for a 30 minute walk most days or do exercises while watching TV, you'll be much further ahead when spring is here.

Need some accountability and assistance?

Most people do need help to make changes and you might be surprised, but I work with all types of practitioners, coaches, counsellors to stay as healthy as I do.

We are better together!

We can accomplish a lot more when we find the right people to support and boost our wellness.

Let me know, I only have a few one-on-one holistic balance programs available so I can offer the absolute best client care.

Find out if this program is right for you.

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