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Welcome! Finding Balance with Brynn Loucks' Holistic Coaching.

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Hi, I'm Brynn and I'm honoured to finally be sharing my knowledge, expertise, and many things I've learned over the years. Whether it's been from my many diplomas or certifications, working with other practitioners and experts, or learning how to connect with my body.

Let's get started!

I believe optimal health is achievable by listening to yourself. The thing is, we tend to hear that so-and-so did something that made them healthier in a quick way.

The best way to find long-lasting results is to connect with yourself, see which things work for you and this can even be percentages. We need to drop this all or nothing approach to our health.

Brynn, what do you mean?

I'll tell you!

I have been practicing yoga and am a teacher now, but I cannot tell you the last time I did a 60-minute routine. I tend to do better with shorter routines.

So, you could say that I'm not doing yoga the way most people are, but that's because I consider myself a lazy healthy person and the thought of doing a 20-minute yoga routine is much more inspiring than a 60-minute one.

Think about this for a second because maybe it will work for you.

Since I end up doing about three or four 20-minute routines per week, I am getting 60-80 minutes of yoga in vs. 0 minutes when I was aiming to accomplish one 60-minute routine.

Most of the time it's the stacking of small, attainable healthy habits that add up bigger results than large workouts and goals that can be harder to achieve.

Yoga doesn't have to be 45+ minutes each time.

So, what small healthy habits can you start with this week?

  • 5 minute meditation?

  • 10 minute walk?

  • 15 minutes of yoga?

Or, since they're all easier to think about and fit into your schedule, could you do all of them?

How amazing would that feel? You absolutely deserve it!

Put using bite size healthy habits to work for you this week!


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