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Organic Produce - When and Why?

Updated: Apr 4

I get asked this question a lot in my practice.

These days, I hear people trying to cut back on grocery costs and it makes sense, but let me ask you this...

At which point does buying and eating cheaper, lower quality foods cost your health in the long run?

In terms of organic, there is a super helpful list of items that are considered the Dirty Dozen.

These fruits and vegetables are littered with pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and chemicals to help them be mass produced.

What does that do to you?

  1. These chemicals strip the soil of nutrients. One of the main reasons you're consuming fruits and vegetables.

  2. Pesticides and herbicides have been shown to affect the nervous system, be carcinogenic, cause both hormonal and endocrine disruption.

  3. Long-term effects can include reproductive issues and even cause cancer.

Organic foods help to reduce inflammation by contributing to a healthier gut microbiome.

When is it important for you to choose organic, to get the most out of your investment and health?

Check out this Dirty Dozen List.

Also, know which foods are not necessary to purchase organic. This list is called the Clean 15.

Making important investments on your food now, results is more long-term health benefits.

If you're interested in learning more about working together to improve your overall health, click on the link below.

Wishing you wellness,



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